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The name's Alan, a former industrial designer, living in Japan and now turning my career into a full-stack web developer.

I decided to learn coding to complement my 5 years designing skills with a broad range of back and front end knowledge, allowing me to mix creativity with programming and take my expertise to the next step. Through my past experiences, I developed my ability to work as a team, take the initiative and communicate with those around me. Allowing me to work well no matter the environment and will proactively use my skills to reach my objectives.

Outside of my constant skill development, I love to practice acroyoga, go for a hike to take pictures and learn new food recipes to try.

My tech Stack:

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My Work


FullStack Developer

Sole fullstack developer, maintenance of cloud-services such as AWS, creation of scalable components in vue.js & Typescript, being Nuxt.js the main framework for development. Worked on the launch of the new company product menuforGOOD, as well created prototypes on Figma for subsequent pages and features. Worked on the creation of MenuForGood logo design and related Illustrations.

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My Projects


UX Design + Product Lead + FullStack developer

This web-application helps users visualize a better layout for a new residence, to relieve stress when preparing to move into a new home by deciding the future of new furniture into your home. And just like the slogan says:

Clean Layout, Clear Mind.

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Canvas Culture

UX Design + Product Lead + FullStack developer

A fun website which allows users to search, request and rent famous paintings from all around the world. Get also real time notification of your request, accept or decline renting your own artwork and appoint the time and date you will use the painting for your next show event.

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Weather Report

API Project

A fetch and request API weather app to check the current condition of cities around the world; done with Typescript, React and TailwindCSS.

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More projects to come!

Stay in touch to see my future projects

Curious about my past?

Check out my previous Industrial Designer Portfolio!

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